Oil, Slideway 32

Mineral Turpentine MSDS - Diggers

Aliases Turps, Petropine, Thinners
Storage Location Metalshop Chemicals Cabinet
Amount Stored 1x 4L bottle fresh turpentine
1x 4L bottle recycled turpentine
2x 1l container dirty turpentine
Other References
  • Read MSDS before usage
  • In case of spill, fire or explosion, refer to MSDS
  • ALWAYS ensure adequate ventilation while using this product
  • ALWAYS close container while not in use
  • Dirty turpentine may be either reused or held for hazardous waste disposal.
  • Re-usual is preferred where possible, but should not be performed if the turpentine has been mixed with other solvents.
  • For reuse: decant dirty turpentine into one of the 1L containers and allow to settle for several months. Decant clean solvent into another container for reuse.
Required Always wear AS/NZS 1337.1 compliant safety glasses while operating this machine.
Required Enclosed shoes are required, no open sandals, thongs etc
Required Restrain hair while operating machine
Prohibited Loose clothing and jewellery not to be worn while operating this machine.
Recommended We recommend hearing protection.
Warning Entanglement hazard present while wearing gloves.
Maintenance Disconnect power to the machine before performing maintenance, including wheel changes
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