All members at HSBNE strive to “Be excellent to each other.” This page gives examples of how to be excellent in different scenarios.

  • It is excellent to strive to be more excellent.
  • It is excellent to tell someone how to be more excellent. It is not excellent to criticize someone for not being excellent.
  • It is excellent to communicate needs instead of criticisms. Example “I need some table space to work on my project, would you be able to clear any of this table for me to use?” instead of “Look at this mess! You are a horrible human being! This is not excellent at all!”
  • It is excellent to broadcast positivity, and channel negativity. Example: Sending thank yous to the mailing list, and resolving disputes with private emails.
  • When someone is not being excellent, it is excellent to talk to them in private. It is not excellent to single them out at a meeting or on the mailing list.
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