Handle Bins and Waste

We have lots of bins inside, they are there to collect rubbish but don't forget to empty them. It should be pretty obvious, but red ones are for general waste and yellow for recyclable.

Bin liners are located either on top of the fridge or in the kitchen cupboards. Not using a bin liner or not emptying a full bin is considered a dick move.

We collect almost all of the drink cans we use on site for the Blacksmithing and Forging cause to use. There is a can crusher and can bin right next to the big whiteboard in the Green Room. Please make sure you've emptied the can before crushing it and dent the side of the can before crushing.

This is where the bins can be found. The big outside bins are located along the Eat St Carpark fenceline just beyond the Laser Cutter extraction box.

They are collected fortnightly on a Wednesday starting from the 8 Mar 2017. If you notice the bins are full or problems with the bin collection please inform the executive asap. It's also good form to drag them towards the gate on a Tuesday or when they're full.

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