As per the EV Charging Policy, members and guests are allowed to charge their vehicles while on site. We have various locations and types of electrical outlets. Where to find them is explained below.

Note: we currently do not have EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) on site. You will need to bring your own level 1 charger / EVSE to charge from an outlet listed below.


Please be careful and set your EVSE to no more than 10A or you will trip a breaker.

  • Access to a 10A GPO is through a small window in the little “shack” next to the dedicated EV Parking bays as shown on the map below.
  • Access to a 10A GPO is through a large window next to the Greenroom / Quad Door. There is a small white extension cord for convenience.

15A GPO and 32A 3 Phase

  • Access to a 15A GPO and 32A 3 Phase outlet is available through a gap in the metal shop wall in the quad (area #15 on the map). Park your vehicle under the shaded area, and pass the cable through a small gap in the wall near the compressor. There is a small distribution box on a 3 Phase extension cord with various 10/15/20A outlets and a 32A 3 Phase outlet.

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