Close up the space

So, it's been a long day of hacking and you're the last one in the space or in a cause area. It's finally time to go home. But wait! Aren't you forgetting something?

  1. Put your project away in your tub (if it fits). Don't leave it on a workbench. If it doesn't fit, label it so others know it's yours. Name AND contact info!
  2. Put tools back in the places from which you got them, or more correctly the place where they belong.
  3. Sweep sawdust, wires, etc. from the floor and any table or bench space you used.
  4. Are the trash can bags full? Throw 'em in the dumpster. New bags are in the “Cleaning Supplies” cabinet beside the kitchen sink.
  1. Make sure the windows are all closed.
  2. Clear the workbench.
  1. Unplug the laser compressor from the power point.
  2. Make sure the windows are closed.
  1. Turn off any tools before you turn off the power boards.
  2. Return cables to their tubs.
  3. Sweep the bench down.
  1. Make sure the toilet door (at the end of the hallway) is closed.
  2. Check windows in the greenroom, hipster lounge, kitchen and classroom.
  3. Make sure that both the Quad door closes and lock properly
  1. Ensure all gas bottles have been closed.
  2. Make sure the Mill and Lathes are turned off at the wall.
  3. Turn off all power and lights.
  4. Close the big roller door and lock the padlock.
  5. Return the Metal Shop key to Members Storage.
  1. Put waste wood that is too small for the wood rack into the waste wood bin near the front door.
  2. Turn off all the lights, the switches are just beside the door (don't forget the orange one behind the doorframe.
  3. Close the roller door, making sure it closes properly.
  1. Put gas bottles away and lock the padlock
  2. Return the Gas key to Members Storage.
  1. If you're the last on site, you will need to make sure to lock the gate(s) behind you.
  2. If you have parked out the front, because the front area was open make sure to close the front gate and inform Port Security
  3. If there is nobody in the quad, including Team Arrow and Mens Shed double check the hardstand area and close and lock the gate. The code for the gate is provided on discord by the bot or the last page of your new members guide.
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