Make an Expense Claim

HSBNE’s income has now reached $20K a year, as such we require as part of the incorporation’s act to have our accounts audited each year.

This is not going to stop people purchasing anything that has been voted on or have been given permission to purchase, but they must provide proper receipts to claim money back.

This page has been constructed for you to help the treasurer and get your money back faster.

There are a few things to note before you make a purchase.

  • Ensure you have permission to purchase the goods. This can be done by adding a item to the next agenda or asking the President if he will cover it under his budget.
  • Do not purchase personal items on the same receipt. This makes the treasurers job that tad harder when reviewing content at a later date. Most shops are happy to provide a separate invoice or at the checkout ask them to pay for items separately. This will usually only take 10 seconds of your time but save the treasurer hours of work trying to decipher what they need to pay you and what goods were purchased.

Providing the receipt to claim your money

Receipts are easily lost, they fade over time if printed on thermal paper and are generally a pain to deal with in huge clumps. It is recommended that you take a photo or scan them in (HSBNE has a photocopier that will email a pdf copy to YOU) then email it to Receipts MUST be a pdf or image format, others will be rejected or will incur extra processing time.

When scanning or taking a photo of the receipt please take care to
  • Ensure that all the text is clear and can be read (blurry photo’s will be rejected)
  • Has the name of the store that the purchase was made
  • Has the date of purchase on the receipt
  • Has the final cost of the purchase
  • If there is a personal item on the receipt (which is inadvisable see section above), DON’T scribble it out! place a neat line through the item so the details can still be seen. This is important to calculate the cost owing to you, especially if postage is involved.
  • Write your name on a BLANK spot on the receipt
In the email to the treasurer:
  • Your name and ID (found on your membership invoice consists of 3 letters and 3 digits eg XXX-000)
  • Provide your banking details, if no banking details are provided money will automatically be assigned to your membership.
  • Provide a link to the meeting the purchase was approved, (meeting notes are found here when final approval has been given) and final approval has been given) and final cost
  • Attach your pdf or image of the receipt to the email (rename the file with a description of the purchase and final cost, hunting through 10+ images/pdf’s to find yours is time consuming and not fun)

I hope everyone understands that following these simple rules will make the treasurer happy and provide you with quick turnaround in getting reimbursed.

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