Each area/team may also have their own method of organising and communicating upcoming induction opportunities. The best place to find information about how to get inducted is on the wiki page for the tool. You can find this by going to the Tools page and selecting the tool you want to use.

If all else fails, HSBNE's Discord Server is always available to you. Everyone there is very helpful, and you'll probably find that you're asking a question that others might have wanted to ask themselves. Asking might also indicate to those who can provide an induction that there is demand that might not have been evident had you not asked.

Well, everything, with a few exceptions (in the name of safety)…

All of our tools and machines required some form of induction. The only exception to this are small hand tools such as our electric drills, screwdrivers, etc. Many of the tools that require induction are secured with interlocks that require a swipe from a member's RF swipe card. The interlocks will change from blue (idle) to either red (denied) or green (enabled). If swiping on a particular tool results in a red “access denied” signal, the cause is likely because your account has not been granted permission. You can review your permissions on the portal

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