Most light switches are in sensible places, but some are non-obvious.

Road-Side Spotlights

Outside wall at the corner of the Team Arrow building closest to our front driveway. On the road side of the corner, around chest height.

Interior Car Park Spotlights

On the back of the Men's Shed building against the throughfare of our driveway, around half-way along the building. You may need a stick or may need to climb over the Men's Shed's stuff to reach this switch.


5 switches under a clear weatherproof cover, next to the right-most Team Arrow door.

Machine shop

Single switch about 1m in from the door, on the right when first walking in.


Three switches, two of which are hard to find.

  1. The obvious one is next to the sliding door with the rest of the switches/power-points, on the right when first walking in.
  2. Near the first one, just inside the door jamb of the sliding door is another switch, facing towards the boneyard.
  3. On the right side of the window into the machine shop is an old power-point with a red light - this powers the tools on the back wall and also the overhead light.

Automotive cause / Blacksmithing cause storage

Light switches on the left side of the blue container that's closest to the woodshop.


Next to the PPE/First-aid cabinet.

Green Room

Above the AED (defibrillator) cabinet between the whiteboard and the can crusher.

Hipster Lounge & Lobby

To the left of the lounge when facing it, on the other side of the door to the store room/hot water room/switchboard room.

Hallway to the Toilets

Left of the door to Members Storage.


One switch to the left of each door into the room, inside the room.

Flashing Neon "OPEN" Sign

In the closet room in the Classroom, around ankle height on the left near the door. Technically not a light, but included here anyway.

Member Storage

There isn't one! The light goes on automatically whenever the door is open.

Mens Toilets

There isn't one! There's a motion sensor to the left of the door when you walk in, next to the Urinal.

Womens Toilets

Two switches in the atrium just outside the Women's toilets. One is for the atrium light, the other is for the toilets.

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