How to Make KeyTags

1. Download the  BigKeyTag.dxf file

2. Open in inkscape on laser cutter pc

3. Make your label using the text tool.

  • Single Level tags use “Impact” font only
  • Dual Level tags use “Impact” font for the top, and “Bahnschrift” for the bottom.

4. Export to visicut as a new job

5. Change visicut settings to cut and engrave.

  • Cut the outline
  • Engrave the text

6. Load laser cutter with acrylic that still has paper on, existing tags are 6mm. There is a convention currently that 'public' tags are clear, and 'serverroom' tags are white.

7. Cut the tag

8. Mask the edge of the tag with painters tape

9. Spraypaint to fill in rasterised engraved label

10. Once dry, remove paper

11. Use the wire kit to attach key(s).

  • If attaching to a keytracker plug, put the wire loop through the plug and attach a large ziptie, cut off the excess.
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