For storing your projects, parts & pieces so you don't have to carry everything to and from HSBNE all the time.

Members Storage as of 06/06/2015

  • Your black storage tub is free with membership, and it's entirely yours to do whatever you want with it. Even if you want to add wheels and an electric motor to it. In fact, especially then.
  • To keep this room neat and tidy everything that can fit in a black tub should be placed in one.
  • We try our hardest to keep this room secure with logged swipe access and motion-sensing cameras, but we can't make any guarantees to the security of your stuff.
  • Due to space constraints (we have more members now than we do storage spaces), additional storage tubs are unavailable. Only one space per member.
  • Also due to space constraints, note that this room is designed for short-term storage while you're working on a project. It's not designed for long-term permanent storage. If you have a tub in here but aren't accessing it (which is checked by seeing if you've swiped to open the door to this room in the last month), you may be asked to take your tub home to make room for others and, depending on how tight we are for space in here, we may move your tub over to the Woodshop mezzanine to make some room.
  • As you'd expect, if your membership lapses any items left in here will be removed.
  • All items left in this room without a clear label stating both the owner and a means of contact will be immediately removed without warning.

To keep this room clean & orderly, the following tasks need to be done regularly. You can do any of these, or only some of these, in any order you want - they’re all independent jobs! If done regularly, every single one of these tasks should take you under 10 minutes. Don’t be shy about helping out.

  • Tidy up the boxes so they sit within the marked divider lines and are all pushed back the same distance, so everything looks neat.
  • Vacuum the floor. This room is small, it’s really quick and improves appearances a lot.
  • Reapply any electrical tape dividers if necessary (bonus points if you use painter’s tape and spray paint to make a clean, permanent line).
  • Check the supply of sticky labels by the door and print more if needed. You can find the master file in the HSBNE Google Docs repository, and ask the executive for sticker paper. Depending on your computer’s printer drivers for our printer, you might find it easier to print them on normal paper first then do a colour A4 copy onto sticker paper.
  • Remove and bin/Boneyard/Doom shelf all items that have no label.
  • Red ticket all items that aren’t correctly labelled. All items need a bare minimum of two things - a way of properly identifying the owner (full name or username), plus a way of contacting them (forum/Discord username, email or phone number).
  • Check and update the Members Storage Inventory spreadsheet that says who owns what in here. You can find it in the HSBNE Google Docs repository. Don’t be scared off doing this task, it’s actually pretty quick and easy to do!
  • Check the Members Storage Inventory spreadsheet against a list of currently paid-up members. You can find the Members Storage Inventory spreadsheet in the HSBNE Google Docs repository. You’ll need to ask the executive for the list of currently paid-up members, as well ask them what to do with this info. They may want to know the list of users who haven't been a member since a certain date, or just the number of tubs, or they may not need this job done right now.
  • Post on the forums that you’ve done something to improve/maintain the space! You’re awesome, after all. :)
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