Use the Anycubic Photon

  • The max fill line on the tank looks to be about where the chamfer in the tank is. Don't go above that, the resin might leak into the threads. If it's a long, thick print you can pause the print and add more resin once it's built up some height
  • The official slicer underestimated how long it would take to print by 30%. The unofficial file validator was pretty much bang-on
  • Cleanup is as time-consuming and frustrating as I expected. Fresh Isopropyl, gloves, toilet paper or tissues are required every time.
  • It'd be great if we had two aluminium trays for the machine - one just the size of the machine to go under it for if/when the vat leaks to catch the resin and prevent it going everywhere, another for fresh prints to sit on when you're exposing them in either sunlight or the UV lamp
  • The metal scraper works much better than the included plastic scraper for removing parts from the build plate

Due to this machine's extremely high sensitivity to dust, the Digifab room needs to be clean before you can use this tool. Check the whiteboard - if it's been more than 1 week, you need to clean the room before using the Photon. This means vacuuming the floor & wiping down most of the horizontal surfaces. Don't forget to write the date & your name on the whiteboard so the next person won't have to clean the room again too! It only takes one speck of dust between the build plate and the LCD to shatter it. Skip this step and you may be dinged, temporarily banned from using this tool or even temporarily banned from the whole space.

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