Includes the following points (from Aliexpress V-Hong Consumables).

Use of hot sublimation transfer paper

  1. Uses: chemical fiber, polyester, blended fabric with less than 40% cotton content and coated glass, Jin Shupin, coated ceramic products and other products.
  2. Storage: waterproofing, fire prevention, avoid glare.
  3. This product must use heat sublimation transfer printing ink. This kind of ink made from disperse dyes will sublimate and print with the substrate at the transfer temperature. The sublime ink with good quality is not suitable for plugging the sprinkler, its color is realistic and its stability is good.
  4. Adjust the color concentration in the computer to avoid excessive ink. After adjustment, you need to check the effect of thermal transfer.
  5. The temperature range of the thermal transfer is about 210-230 degrees, and the time is about 20-40 seconds. Before the official batch transfer is done, a small test should be made before deciding the technological parameters.
  6. Hot press surface must be pressed tightly. During heat transfer, the hot press surface, transfer paper, and the surface of the printed material must be tightly attached, and there is no gap. Otherwise, the blurred phenomenon of the transfer print will appear.
  7. Hot sublimation transfer advantages: hot sublimation transfer graphic color vivid, vivid, its effect can be comparable to the printing, hot sublimation transfer is heat transfer ink heated sublimation infiltration into objects at high temperature, condensation after the formation of bright color images. Therefore, the thermal transfer products are durable, and the images will not fall off, crack and fade.
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