Raise a Purchase

One of the most useful things about a membership at HSBNE is the ability to make your membership work for you, and suggest things that you'd like to see at the space and fill in gaps in our tooling. To do this, speak to the cause leader of the particular interest area and get some advice on whether we already might have the tool, what you'd like to use it for and any advice on selecting and sourcing the particular tool. While you are sourcing the tool, if you need to get quotes, be sure to mention HSBNE Inc. is a non-profit, and ask if the retailer is interested in awarding a discount. Depending on the price of the tool, it may fit within the cause budget and can be purchased internally within the cause.

You can also submit the purchase to one of the bi-weekly group meetings held on Tuesdays at 8:00PM for purchase within the larger pool of group funds. Agendas will be posted on the Monday, a week prior to the meeting on the forums. You must submit your item for purchase at least five days in advance of the meeting to ensure there is adequate time to discuss the purchase prior to the meeting, as per our constitution rules.

Please include a purchase link and pricing in your description for the agenda, plus a short explanation. Feel free to branch off the discussion to a separate thread and link it to the agenda if you feel it deserves a separate discussion space. If you are purchasing the tool at auction or where the price is not set, you can submit a budget for approval. During the meeting, the purchase will be voted upon. The current financial situation of HSBNE Inc, the price and usefulness of the tool are key factors in whether the vote will be successful. After the purchase, speak with the executive to arrange how the item will be acquired. If you are purchasing this yourself, please refer to 'How to Submit a Reimbursement'.

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