Use the UP Mini

In order to use the UP Mini there are a few things you'll need to do.

  1. Check Printer Filament
    1. Take a look at the printer filament spool and ensure there's enough filament on the roll for your print.
    2. A good rule of thumb is for every square CM of your print there should be 15CM on the spool.
  2. Initialise Printer
    1. On the attached PC, run the 'UP 2.18' software.
      The Up Studio software isn't working with this printer anymore.
    2. On the Main Menu click 3D Print and then Initialize.
  3. Insert Bed
  4. Check the printer has a bed inserted, if not find a spare perfboard which should be with the printer.
  5. Slide the perfboard into the slots on the 2 sides of the platform, using your hands to support the platform and pushing down and forward with your thumbs.
  6. Test extrusion.
    1. On the Main Menu click 3D Print and then Maintenance
    2. Hit “Extrude” button.
    3. The printhead will start to heat up, within 5 minutes the printhead temperature will reach 260 degrees then the printer will buzz and the print head starts to extrude.
    4. Watch the printer push the filament out, making sure it's not coming out sideways. If it is, report it to the #digifab chat.
    5. When it completes it will beep again, pull the filament out and it should be a nice smooth coil of filament.
      If the filament is bubbly or textured or doesn't come out at all, report this to #digifab chat..


  7. Set up Print
  8. Clean off Bed

Changing Filament

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