Vending Machines

Only the appointed Vending Machine Stockist should manage the cash from the machines.

OR a person from the exec other than the Treasurer

To ensure that cash is handled appropriately and in an auditable manner, the cash drawer from the machines should be handled be the stockist and then given to the Treasurer.

  1. Cash is removed from the machine and counted
  2. A cash float is returned to the machine of the prescribed values below
  3. The cash from all machines is totalled
  4. Cash is placed in an envelope or zip-lock bag and the total of the bag written on it
  5. This total is then emailed to
  6. The bag is left in the cash box in the server room for collection by the treasurer to bank.

Cash Float Table

$$$ ###
$50 0
$20 2
$10 2
$5 4
$2 5
$1 10
50c 5
10c 10
5c 10
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