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  • Discuss tool purchases as priced by Matthew Costa
  • Finalize logo competition rules and prizes
  • Discuss making alternate Sat & Sun official Hackerspace days
  • Insurance (contents & public liability)
  • Discuss giving Jeremy from City Studios full access RFID card.

Members Present

Member names not taken


  • Tools purchasing
    • Discussion on tools deferred until Mathew Costa shows up
  • Competition
    • Prize is choice of
      • 2 months membership
      • $100
      • 5 prints on Mendel - subject to reasonableness clause / approval
      • motion carried
    • Rules
      • vector art
      • reversible colours
  • Additional hackerspace days
    • Alternating saturday/sunday as hackerspace day?
    • In the first instance members planning to be in the space on weekend to post to calendar in advance
    • look to formalise at a later date
  • Insurance
    • Jeremy/Citystudios have offered to cover us under their insurance
    • Lemming to capture more info, to put to vote at a later date
  • Full access to Jeremy/CityStudios?
    • motion to make Jeremy an honorary member
    • Motion carried 6-1
    • decision to be reviewed in future
  • Seppo bought a bench
    • motion carried to reimburse $129
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