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Members Present

  • Lawrence “Lemming” Dixon (President)
  • Travis Howse
  • Luke Johnston
  • Joel Byrnes (Treasurer)
  • David “Buzz” Bussenschutt
  • James Churchill
  • Luke Hovington
  • Daniel Fielding
  • Michael Chambers
  • Alex Wilson
  • Sean Mailander

Absentee Votes

  • Matt Costa (via email)


Lemming informs the group about the resignation of secretary John Williams due to other time commitments.

Call for nominations for a new secretary. Lemming nominates Alex W for the position. No other nominations are put forward.

Motion to elect the new secretary – passes, Alex W elected unopposed. Will serve until the AGM in May.

Agenda item (Lemming) – time limit for non-financial members before access termination.

  • Buzz notes that current rules actually specify instant expiry
  • Lemming proposes a 6 month grace.
  • Other members suggest that 6 months is too lenient
  • Motion for a 3 month expiry policy, provided member given sufficient notification – passes, with 8 members for.

Agenda item (Lemming) – purchase of new equipment

  • Items discussed: Metal Lathe, Benchtop Power Supply, Laser Cutter, Bandsaw, Sanders
  • Lemming notes that a Lathe would be useful for his projects, and he is willing to contribute $500 to the cost
  • Luke J. notes a lack of space for a lathe, and suggests the wall should be a priority
  • James notes that the lathe gives a lot of cross-over with existing Mens' Shed organisations, and in his opinion that a Laser Cutter would be a better investment and fit with the culture of the Space.
  • Lemming responds that more tools should lead to increased membership which leads to more funds available to buy expensive tools such as the Laser Cutter.
  • Indicative vote – for Laser Cutter versus Lathe, Laser Cutter is the stronger, 7 votes to 5.
  • Discussion around prices, current funds and other items possible
  • Motion for the purchase of a Lathe, plus associated tooling, including a $500 contribution from Lemming and $50 from Dan – passes, 6 votes for (including 1 via email from Matt Costa).

Agenda item (Lemming) – technical access control for expensive equipment

  • Lemming notes that expensive equipment can be damaged by untrained users and proposes the need to discuss access control by technical measure.
  • Luke J. suggests for discussion the Techshop system used overseas with long-range RFID and indicator lights.
  • Other RFID-based suggestions are made.
  • Joel begins discussion around a social contract system, proposes a simple shared key box.
  • James notes that implementing a technical control measure and then taking out insurance based on this could lead to liability in the case of a failure of the technical control.
  • Consensus seems to be that technical control is unnecessary, no formal motion is passed.

Discussion about financial situation, bank balance and safety buffers for “worst case” scenarios.

  • Joel (Treasurer) to do some projections to better understand the bank balance that should be maintained.

Proposal to add a list to the website of proposed purchases for members to discuss and vote.

  • Consensus agreement

Discussion about completing the far wall at the back of the space and securing the buildling

  • Buzz to quote on costs for this project
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