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Members Present

  • Lawrence “Lemming” Dixon (President)
  • Joel Byrnes (Treasurer)
  • Alex Wilson (Secretary)
  • David “Buzz” Bussenschutt
  • Travis Howse
  • Daniel Fielding
  • Matthew Costa
  • Luke Hovington
  • Shaun McGrady
  • Seppo Saario
  • James Churchill
  • Sean Mailander
  • Luke Johnston


  1. Dissolution of the executive in preparation for annual election. Lemming announces on behalf of both Joel and Alex (former Treasurer and Secretary, respectively) that they will not be standing for re-election.
  2. Treasurer's Report – Joel Byrnes
  • David “Buzz” requests that the full report be made available online. Joel acknowledges this.
  • Joel notes that this year has seen some major expenses for the group: lathe, drill press, power supplies etc
    • Current bank balance is at $4119
    • 27 members as at 17/5 (defined as people who have paid for membership at least once)
    • (some discussion as to the validity of this definition and how to compare to previous numbers, see the full Financial Report)
  • Lemming adds an update on billing issues with TPG for the internet connection (double charging), which Joel is attempting to sort out
  • Discussion about other billing issues, with electricity company (difficulty getting a time arranged for meter readings, fees due to this etc), possible actions with regards to changing account holder with Jeremy
  • Joel closes his report with a reminder to all members to ensure that if anyone is given the HSBNE account details, that the current treasurer should be notified and given the prospective member's email address

Update on incorporation process and status – David “Buzz” Bussenschutt

  • Buzz announces that the paperwork necessary for incorporation was sent off approximately 2 weeks previous
  • Lemming notes the delay was due to needing a JP witness on declaration of the Rules
  • Buzz notes that the rules given for incorporation are the model rules available on the website, and that they need to be accepted at the AGM
  • Lemming and Buzz discuss the nature of changes to the model rules that were necessary – including removal of references to “the board”, and alteration of the definition for written notice to include electronic distribution.
  • Lemming notes also the utility of incorporation as “HSBNE Inc” as opposed to “Hackerspace Brisbane Inc” in dealing with 3rd parties who may confuse the definition of “hacker”
  • Buzz then discusses the details of pre-conditions for consitutional change under the new Rules, including the notion of “executive veto”
  • Motion for accepting the Rules as listed on the website, and presented for incorporation – passes, unanimously.
Update on status of the Light Street property – Lawrence “Lemming” Dixon
  • Lemming shares that, after discussion with the property owner, he has learned of new intention to subdivide the property. This will likely shorten the projected timespan during which HSBNE can occupy the building, though applications still take in the region of 6 months at the very least.
  • Lemming notes the difficulty in finding other buildings around the area at anything less than full commerical rate (ca $1000/sqm/year)
  • Also notes one ray of hope, however: the council program previously discussed for Little Windsor Substation may have a building on property near Herston – former changerooms, ~100 sq metres, near sports fields. “Lots of maybes, but a possibility”.
  • Buzz notes the lack of noise issues if such a building is attained, due to lack of neighbours
  • Lemming adds that the building would have electricity and running water – “just add internet”
  • Further discussion surrounding the details of the council program, renovation possibilities, etc
  • Lemming promises that more news should be available about this somewhere aroudn August/September this year. There is a meeting also organised with the gentleman responsible for part of the program to visit the space around the 21st June.
  • Buzz and Lemming note also that post-incorporation, HSBNE may qualify for grants such as the Jupiters' Casino grants, which could open some more doors in terms of financial options in getting a new space
  • Lemming gives a general reminder to all members that if they see property opportunities, to let him know so that questions can be asked.

Election of new executive

  • Nominations: Lemming for president, Buzz for any position, James C. for any position, Luke H. for treasurer
  • Motion to appoint Luke Hovington as Treasurer – passes, unanimously
  • Motion to re-appoint Lawrence “Lemming” Dixon as President – passes, unanimously
  • Motion to appoint David “Buzz” Bussenschutt as Secretary – passes, unanimously

Matters without notice

  • Matthew Costa raises the matter of obtaining an AED (defibrillator) and appropriate training for members, as high voltage equipment is sometimes in use
  • Lemming acknowledges this, and adds that perhaps a discussion should take place about sending some members to First Aid training out of HSBNE budget (~$170 per person)
  • Some further discussion, also about the official logo for the group
  • Motion to accept the “chip-and-flame” design as the official logo of HSBNE – passes, unanimously.
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