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To discuss and ratify rule modifications requried by the Business Services Officer from Office of Fair Trading, as part of the Incorporation process, to pass the HSBNE Inc paperwork.

Members Present

  • Lawrence Dixon
  • David Bussenschutt
  • Travis Howse
  • Matthew Costa
  • Joel Byrnes
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Sean McGrade
  • Daniel Fielding
  • Seppo Saario


item 1: to correct the issues, as raised by the OFT, in such a method as precisely indicated and suggested by the letter document number 3644978. Motion passed 10 in favour, zero against.

item 2: motion to accept newly modified rules as the current and valid rules for HSBNE Inc. Motion passed, 10 in favour, zero against.

item 3. accepted all previous minutes without issue.

item 4. Lawrence requested up to $150 to be spent in new drill-bits. Motion passed unobjected. Receipt/s to be provided to Treasurer and reimbursed, and/or purchased direct on HSBNE CreditCard.

Newly modified rules will be posted online tonight immediately following the meeting by one of the executive.

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