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  1. members voted in-favour of allowing outside parking at the HSBNE when said vehicle-parking members are NOT present, ONLY IF ONE OF:
  • you leave your phone number on the dash of the car, so you can be called to move the car ( if needed), AND you are available to move your card in a reasonable time ( an hour or less ) . OR
  • you leave your keys in an agreed place inside HSBNE, so other members can more the vehicle if it become a problem ( you do this at your own risk, and other members moving your car do so with your permission and risk if you do this )

If you are not happy with either of these condition/s you MAY NOT park your car in the outside area, above the HSBNE building ( inside the fence ) .

Lemming raised that the previously voted on ( and agreed vote ) “contracted rubbish bin” ( which was approx $36/mo ) can not be done for any contract length less than 12 months , so members agreed that 12 months was acceptable,. so long as it was transferrable to a new site.

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