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Author David Bussenschutt
Signed Sidney Watters
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  • General meeting format (regular monthly general meetings)
  • Volunteers to become champions for specific tasks / areas
  • Machinery Usage
    • Induction session by arrangement / first Saturday of every month
    • Skills session first Saturday of every month
  • Presentations from other groups / interest areas [outcome: list of groups; champion/s]
    • Ham radio, Astronomy clubs, Aerial model groups, Other hackerspaces, Electric vehicles, remote groups, etc.
  • Status update
    • Financial and membership updates
    • DSDIP - Mood; Painting; Gates
    • Bio-diesel
    • 3D printers
    • Big Printer
    • other projects and events
  • Discussion items [outcome: list of actions; new issues from the group]
    • Welding & Oxy Acetylene gas supply
    • Exec transparency / communications (discuss handling of Sean’s debt)
    • Growing discontent / Confidence in exec
    • Exec list and archives access (Who sees an email sent to the exec)
    • Code of Conduct reminder
  • Vote of no confidence in current executive
    • Proposal to move memberships to 1st day of the month [outcome: voted]
      • Existing members
        • Pro-rata as they become due calculated on a 30 day month
        • Multiple month membership discount includes the partial month
      • New members
        • Pro-rata to align to the start of the month calculated on a 30 day month
        • Multiple month membership discount applied if 3 or more subsequent months paid
  • Sub-Tenancy
    • General tenancy [outcome: voted]
    • Sean’s tenancy (if above passes) [outcome: voted]
  • Associate Membership [outcome: voted]
    • 25% of full membership paid quarterly (3 months) in advance
      • 60*3/4 = $45 / quarter
      • 55*3 = $165 / year
    • no voting rights
    • no 24/7 access
    • access as guest of member or Tuesday nights
    • for groups / clubs - core participants with full membership and helpers as associates
  • “Big” purchase (laser cutter and Big Printer)
    • Laser Cutter / ~A3 / $2500 [outcome: voted]
    • Big Printer / $500 seed budget [outcome: voted]
  • Open / potential projects
    • Space improvement
    • Recommission PCB etching tank / document laser lacquer process?
    • Big Printer
    • Tool room
  • Events
    • makerCamp
    • Pecha Kucha Night (20×20)

Meeting from now on will be on the Tuesday of the months We would like

Aaron Bycroft will champion membership and induction With Brendon Haliday

Hayden Petrick will champion the Chemlab

Eric Reader will champion metal shop and wood work room

Blair Calderarawil champion looking after tools in green room.

We would like induction on the first Saturday. People should see Eric

Buzz has started a chat on track people number in and out of the space

Wendy DSDip is happy with our work for the community

Bio-Diesel is going to start soon but still looking on how to do things.

Sean Reynolds

People want to setup pcb etching tank again

Membership has been growing.

We need to keep the google open and free of fights

Sean has made a payment of $1600 and still owes $2200

People heard seans side of things. Sean has give HsBne money before.

Weldingn & Oxy Acetylene was executives mistake, by allowing sean to put his bottles on the HSBNE account.

We have had people reading exec list. We are unhappy with the mistrust.

Growing discontent. please let us know what we have been hearing things second hand.

Committee left the room so members can work if they want a change of executives.



2 votes against moving the membership fee to the start of the month.

3 no votes for current/ not current onreminder board.

Associte membership cant be Associate membership must be Associate as it needs a change in rules other wise.

18 votes for Associate(not members)

Jimmy to organise rebuilding the big printer.

22 votes for 1 against bugget for rebuid of big printer

22 votes for 1 against buying a laser cuttuer for $2500

Blare to champion buying the laser cutter.

Do we continue with sub-tenants

1 votes for 20 against

Makercamp over 350 people come though on the day.

Simon suggested we get Pechakucha night at HsBne to get people to talk about things in a set time table, like 20 seconds per slide.

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