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  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Karl Richardson
  • Ben Cooper
  • Brendan Carmichael
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Blair Calderara
  • David Bussenschutt
  • Daniel Tullemans
  • Eric Reader
  • Geoffrey Lean
  • Hayden Petrick
  • Hugh Le Bherz
  • Josh Hogendorn
  • Lawrence Dixon
  • Lochlainn Wilson
  • Luke Hovington
  • Mike Ando
  • Robert Scott
  • Russell Austerberry
  • Sebastian Petrik
  • Sidney Watters
  • Simeon Huggs
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Timeka Beecham
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Toby Latcham

No Agenda Available.

Lochlainn gave a big “Thank you” to the workers from last weekends working bee.

Work place health and saftey needs to be updated at HSBNE. We need to put safety signs around the space and heavey machinery.

  • Lawence and others gave their veiw onwhat we need to do about WHS.
  • Lochainn talks about the OH&S site/safety visit happening by the landlord, etc on Thursday.
  • Brendan (Nog) ask who is the whs officer and Sebastian put his hand up.

Discussion and review of green room functionality. No solid actionable items other than:

  • pointing out the existing rules need better enforcing
  • the centre tables are a “clean table policy” ( ie , at the end of each tuesday, everything remaining ater midnight should go )
  • the introduction of a very short term “placemat” to assist people to know who's stuff is lying around. ( for 24hr periods or less )
  • it's a easy way to stake a claim short-term to a bit of bench, and you MUST put your name and phone number on them. ( details to be fleshed out later )
  • centre silver tables in green room tables will be getting writing on them to describe the clean-desk policy, like the woodworking room has.

Lochlainn wants a tool review:

  • need: allen keys, circular saw, small/med phillips screw drivers, and whatever else is already on lochies list
  • tool “soluitons” ( aka turnkey toolsets in a fully labeled trolley, etc ) - Josh's baby, and he's going to go off and price some concepts - says he'd welcome help.
  • Buzz asked for show of hands and 10 people put their hands up.
  • Robert stated he has had his stuff moved/hacked while gone to the mens room.

Financial Update

  • current balance: $10,123.23
  • $2500 committed to laser ( see below , as this was adjusted )
  • $200 comitted to lathe/mill tooling

Bear pointed out the mess and lack of tools be back in the right places, people should cleanup after themselves and don't be pigs.

Lochlainn propose a second box for lost property. We also are getting work mats.

  • the “one wooden box” in the green room is inadequate, so will be changed to two, these will be rotated each tuesday, one for “last 7 days”, and one for “previous 7 days”, and then the oldest stuff goes to the bone yard. Donations NOT to be put here, just LOST and unlabeled property.
  • Only the owner can take their stuff out of the week 1 box. Everyone can take out of the second box, third week it goes to boneyard. ( we may change this to be 2x large shelves instead of 2x large boxes, as it's less likely to get crushed ).
  • Also, boxes/shelves MUST be lableled with “ nothing is to be taken from this box unless you personally own it, or know who does, and are returning it to them immediately ….any other action is theft. ”

Buzz ask to get the the same signs as the wood work room. ( If you leave items hear they well be accepted as donations to HSBNE ) 13 people for this.

Joshua is told the group how he is starting to get marketing and classes running,

Joshua asked about his post on how to use trello. People liked it and want more

Lochlainn asked people to look into using Trello.

People please read Sebastian's email he sent out lining the job he wants to do to do for HSBNE.

Sebastian Petrik Was voted in to be Quater Master. 20 people voted to expand Sebastian job.

We are changing the woofers.

  • mowing by Bear is ongoing.
  • Hayden is no longer a woofer. ( he voluntarily stepped down )
  • Karl is a woofer, and his responsibilities include toilet cleaning roster and other jobs as identified by exec.
  • Sidney ( Wizard ) is a woofer, and his responsibilities include toilet cleaning and other jobs as identified by exec. ( 15 membership voted in favour of this, as he's exec )

Lochlainn wants a 2 tonnen pallet jack.

  • Eric advised he's happy to loan his pallet jack to the space at any time, so long as someone comes and gets it from his place, and returns it afterward.
  • membership also voted to approve a budget of up to $100 for purchase of a 2nd hand pallet jack, should Bear be able to find one on Gumtree or similar.
  • A vote was called and 22 people for this.

Purchasing safely equipment.

  • People safety gear is walking.. Please return it or we will sell it to you.
  • possibly to supply excess item/s via vending machine , either at cost, or zero cost, to track users.
  • group approved reimbursement of ( approx ) $60 to Lochainn for purchase of PPE ( for thurs) - 21 voted in favour
  • Joshua put to the group the idea of a “new members kit” , in addition to the “black members tub” tat members get now, they would also get PPE ( such as glasses and earplugs ), personalised plastic plate and cutlery ( engraved, or other permanent marking ), etc. - exact contents to be decided by the exec, with a budget of $30 for each new person. ( ie 1/2 of their first month membership ) , including the tub cost. vote taken: 20 in favour, nil against.

Lochlainn wants to buy bolts and scrwews.

  • Normally these go thru the “President discretionary fund”, but some extra/s or new item/s that the executive are hoping to arrange:
  • M3,M5,M8,M10 nuts and bolts of assorted sizes
  • tea,coffee,milk capsules,sugar

3 phase plugs for kiln, etc:

  • membership all said they were in favour of buying whatever's needed to get the kiln, huge-lathe, and mill ( all 3 phase ) working.
  • probably best to raise with landlord , as some other electricians have said they have concerns for the safely ( leakage to ground or something ), but the landlord/s electricians previously said it was OK.
  • basic needs appear to be
    • 3x Clipsal 56, 3 phase, 4 conductor, 30A plugs ( most likely part number: 56P432 )
    • 1x ( at least ) Clipsal 56, 3 phase, 4 conductor, 30A wall-mount switch/socket combo ( most likely 56C432 )
    • 4x conductor 30A double-insulated mains cable ( maybe 10m of it ? )
  • once we get the equipment, and lay the cable, we can either pay an electrician, or get the landlord's electrician to come and connect it all for us )
  • buzz thinks the plugs are around $60 ea, the wall-mount switch thing might be $200 ( a guess ) - best to get solid $$ figure from maybe “Sparky Direct” ( online site) , or a local electronics wholesaler/distributor like “John R Turk”, or “Ideal Electrical” , or “Cetnaj”.
  • Sam said he will look after getting the mill up and running as much he can.

Robert wants to know where do we stand on people with disabilities.

Laser Cutter ideals discussed.

  • 12 people want the laser cutter. 15 know people that will come for a laser cutter
  • including additional promissaries from a show of hands ( of 6 people at $50 each, promising an extra $300 ).
  • Also discussed the ancilliary costs ( such as freight, port costs, gst, spare parts, etc, etc, to get us from a base-model price of $2500 to the total all-in cost of around $4000 ) .
  • Since we have had promisaries of nearly $500 on the email list, and $300 at the meeting, the difference between the base and all-in cost/s is now a smaller “gap” of $700.
  • A vote was taken on weather the group was happy to pay this cost from HSBNE funds, and it was 17 in favour, and 4 against. ( the group has now agreed to pay a total of $3200 from HSBNE funds, with the rest coming from individuals extra donations ).
  • The treasurer has agreed to use the “spare” HSBNE account to collect these funds ( it's the one setup for events like makerfaire, but not used so far, having nothing in it ).
  • Email/s have gone from the treasuer to those that promised donation/s already. People that will donate more money Aaron, Tim, Buzz, Ben, Hue, & Brendan (Nog).
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