Open 19:16
Close 19:48
Author Sidney Watters
Signed Lochlainn Wilson
Tally 18

date: time: open: “19:16” close: “19:48” members:

  • Sidney Watters
  • Sam Pryor
  • Lochlainn Wilson
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Sebastian Petrik
  • Brendan Carmichael
  • Colin Warland
  • David Douglas
  • Shane Cocks
  • Lachlan Gordon
  • James Bowler
  • Hayden Petrick
  • Nathan Aherne
  • Eric Reader
  • Hugh Le Bherz
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Hamish Mcgregor
  • Joshua Hogendorn

No Agenda Available

HSBNE needs more hand held power tools. As such Lochlainn has put forward a list of tools.

Ryobi One+ 18v Cordless Power Tool Buying Spree (total $833)

As people discussed the idea of getting new power tools, people wanted to know how HSBNE was going to secure the new tools. Lochlainn informed the members that Joshua had looked into getting micro dots for the tools, for a cost of about $350. Also Joshua had design a cubby/draw system that will need a members RFID system. Other ideas where add like painting the tools Neon Pink.

A vote called for by Lochlainn and seconded by Sidney for the Ryobi One+ tools The vote was changed after some discussion to buying the tools after tools security fixed/improved. 8 people voted for the tools, 3 people voted against getting the tools.

The HSBNE executives (Lochlainn) would like to bring in the Cause System. It is a system that promotes fairness by:

  • Allowing members to have agency in where a portion of their membership money goes. It will significantly reduce the load on the executive by providing the ability for champions of a cause to look after trivial running costs with a discretionary budget. It will prevent the syndrome of the loudest voice winning when it comes to funding allocation. Cause contributors will be able
  • to deal with moderately large purchases within their own group without having
  • to involve disinterested parties. The portion that is allocated is set at 33% initially however the treasurer has final say in how much this percentage is in any given month. Anyone can create a cause, however it needs a minimum of 3 contributors to be valid and functional.

A vote called for by Lochlainn and seconded by Sidney for the Cause System.

15 people voted for Cause System and 1 person against.

Sam and some other people pointed out the tool security was a waste of time as the space (Porthack) has security problems that should be fixed before looking into securing the new tools Lochlainn suggested that we put together a Security Task Force to fix thing ASAP. The Security Task Force aim to fix most problems within a 2 week time frame.

After alot of discussions between concerned members, a Safe Space Policy was drafted by Joshua. The Safe Space Policy was put forward to the membership, to be accepted as part of the HSBNE by-laws.

A vote called for by Lochlainn and seconded by Joshua.

14 people voted for the Safe Space Policy, and 3 people voted against

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