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We have 4 hanging power points (single), but I'm totally down for hanging some framing pine with power boards mounted like the edge does. $50 budget?

We should buy the plumbing parts to finish getting water to the warehouse. $50?

Shelving kits from bunnings + existing shelving parts to finish the server room.

The units I'm aware of are pretty solid and big, and $100ea last I checked.

We'll try for cheaper equivalents, but $200 budget sounds reasonable (even if we buy framing pine and build our own)

Do we need to repair any ventillation items in either toilets? $50 would probably cover this

Clean/reorganising the boneyard sounds great. So does a skip.

$250 budget would get us a pretty reasonable skip (with some working room, just in case we decide to go bigger than the one sean suggested).

We should also budget for some dump runs for things too big/bulky for the skip, like hot water stuff.

So thats a $350 budget and a $250 budget. $600 all up. All totally guesswork and we should come in well under. Sound reasonable? not? All ears.

  • Simon Darr
  • Alexander Van Coofen
  • Richard Unwin


$350 for space improvement day for this weekend.

  • powerpoints
  • plumbing parts
  • shelving kits
  • $250 estimated for skip hire
  • $100 extra, just incase.

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