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Thank you people for all work on Saturday. Sever room cleaned, fix some doors,etc.

We are spending a lot of money on removing waste from space, approximate $1100 in the last year spent on +3 skips in last year, and multitude of dump runs.

We have talked about having someone to manage what's coming in. Also people want a wanted list of parts/stuff to user at the space

Joshua pointed out parking permits are getting abused. There are 3 points that need to be addressed with parking permits.

Item 1: People are put writing parking permits with 6 months or 10 years on them. He suggests limited 2 week, 1 months, 3 months. Lochlainn agreed 3 months is a reasonable period, and wants an “administered by” add to the form too. David (Buzz) also agreed 3 months is less headache to manage than shorter time limits. Most members seem to think 3 months, so a vote was called for parking permits to have a maximum period of 3 months.
21 people voted in favour, and 1 person against.

Item 2: Parking permits are hard to get during the week as it requires an executive signatures. Joshua suggested that we change the parking permits so that “2 members other” than the person who gear the permit is for, are required to sign A vote called for 2 other members to sign a parking permit.22 people voted in favour, Nil against.

Item 3: parking tickets, as per the above rule, so “any two members” can issue one?23in favour, no against.

Item 4: We need to fix how we deal with cars onsite. People are worried about the disposal cost of removing abandon cars. Joshua proposed a $500 “bond”. But most seemed against it. Michael suggested its way too much money. Suggesting about $10/month extra instead Lochlainn suggested that “large items outside” should be respectable looking, so suggests a car cover. Other people had suggestions but they where quickly shot down Josh summarised that “large outdoor item permit”, with a signed disclaimer giving the right to remove the item after a given period, and with some form of “bond”? A quick informal poll was taken. Most members think having a fee attached is not valuable. It was decided that we will revisit large item parking ticket after drawing up something more formal to cover large outdoor items.

The executives have discussed the different forums and decided we are going with Discourse. The mailing list will be maintained for the time being for announcements and what not. Eventual plan is to get rid of mailing list in favour of discourse. Please support this ideal. If you wish to be taken “off” discourse, please see Joshua for the time being, or change your settings to non-email.

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