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Author Timeka Beecham
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vote called for kickstarter campaign

Victor presents final choices for targets:

worst case target 10 grand for painting the external

want to get high resolution 3D printer as a stretch goal- UV resin etc.

$20,000- Painting, Security.

$+20,000- Good 3D printer, 4 axis CNC machine

training and community involvement such as classes are a focus

Josh asks if we would be better off buying things such as machine tools

Victor states a balance between the new items to interest new members and small items is what we should aim for

Vote for Kickstarter financial goals:


Against: 0

Vote to reimburse Luke and Josh $350 for Tool armoury:

For: 21

Against: 0

Vote to provide extra $400 to finish tool armoury

For: 21

Against: 0

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