Open 20:08
Close 20:15
Author Timeka Beecham
Signed Victor Vicario
Tally 17

  • Victor Vicario
  • Timeka Beecham
  • Toby Latcham
  • Mike Ando
  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Daniel Tullemans
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Alan Blake
  • Cameron Stewart
  • James Churchill
  • Luke Hovington
  • Jimmy Bowler
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Hamish McGregor
  • James Beecham


Purchase Votes

  • $65 for CO2 extinguisher for laser cutter, for a total of $250.
  • Up to $15 for proper coolant for the laser cutter
  • Up to $25 for weed killer
  • Up to $50 for a big broom


  • Josh on New Dispute Resolution policy
  • Luke on New Guide to Claiming purchases
  • Timeka on New Class Application Guide
  • Mike Ando about car demonstration

Victor Opens meeting

Vote to approve $30 for wide broom: For: 14 Against: 0

Vote to approve $25 for weed killer: For: 14 Against: 0

Vote to approve $14 for laser cutter coolant For: 15 Against: 0

Victor Announces that due to the meeting agenda being late and not providing due time for a vote, he will cover the $65 for the fire extinguisher with president's discretionary fund.

Victor lets the membership know that changes have occurred to the dispute resolution policy.

Luke updates everyone on how to submit receipts for reimbursement.

Timeka informs people about the Class Application Guide on the HSBNE Wiki.

Mike announces that he will be doing an electric car demonstration next week.

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