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Close 08:23
Author Timeka Beecham
Signed Victor Vicario
Tally Unknown

  • The front entrance renovations
  • Causes system and where we are going
  • Painting of the buildings
  • Closing the building when leaving

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  • Painting is happening on the outer walls facing the street that the Landlord is paying for.
  • Victor will be away for 4 weeks after tomorrow. You can contact him via email.
  • Friday night the building was left open and the soldering iron left on. Can you please lock up after yourself- if you open it you close it, and if you are the last to leave the campus, can you check things are locked down.
  • Causes are postponed until we have more money in our bank account, and we can write the rules.
  • The renovations have already started in the front area and will be updating the landlord this week.
  • Aaron asks if we should be providing a full financial report each month. Executive members said they did not belive so, but will check the rules.
  • Luke asked if everyone got an email from the accounting software and that you will get one to remind you of how much you need to pay to remain a member, each month.
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