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Author Timeka Beecham
Signed Luke Hovington
Tally 18

  • James Beecham
  • Hayden Petrick
  • Blair Calderara
  • Seb Petrik
  • Sven Hvenska
  • Mike Ando
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Alan Blake
  • Sidney Watters
  • Daniel Tullemans
  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Brendan Hall
  • Hamish McGregor
  • Tobias Latcham
  • David Bussenschutt
  • Luke Hovington
  • Timeka Beecham
  • Brendan Carmichael

Votes for financial items

  • Buying acrylic for general use- $150 a sheet
  • Strip heater for bending acrylic- $600
  • Buying the stolen gas bottle or continue to rent- $700
  • ESR Meter- $25
  • $526 for keeping the fire equipment serviced
  • $50 for bulk order of drill bits


We have about 10k in the bank account at the moment. 5k of that is for running cost. Buying acrylic- should we postpone it for a later time? Aaron says he might be getting some acrylic in the near future. Luke propose to postpone. Seconded by Brendan Hall.

$600 strip heater. Timeka says she is building one and has most of the parts to make it. Vote $100 to complete Timeka's current project for the space. For: 18 Against: 0

Gas bottle was removed and we need to pay for it. We have to keep paying for the rental or pay it off. $30 a month or $770 for the buy out. Buzz asks if there are people who could approach Sean to try and get our bottle back. 3 people have put their hand up to chase him down for the bottle. Vote to postpone $770 vote For: 15 Against: 1

ESR Meter- Blair tells us that it will test any 2 or 3 pin components and will help to test a lot of things at the space. Brendan Hall thinks it will be good for people new to electronics. Nog wants Blair to document how to use it as a proviso of us buying it. Blair agrees. Timeka will donate a jiffy case to protect it. vote For: 17 Against: 0

$526 for fire equipment maintenance- needs to be kept up to keep with our rental contract. It will be added to the maintenance budget. For: 13 Against: 0

Vote $50 for Philips drill bits because we have worn out or lost all of the space ones. For: 15 Against: 0

General announcement that Bear will be buying the MIG welder this week and all the members who pledged to donate extra money to the welder should go see Karl and he will collect the money.

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