Open 20:25
Close 20:48
Author Timeka Beecham
Signed Victor Vicario
Tally 14

  • Chang-Yi Yao
  • Alan Blake
  • Tim Owen
  • Victor Vicario
  • Dave Waddington
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Peter Caelli
  • Hamish McGregor
  • Luke Hovington
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Karl Richardson
  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Mike Ando
  • Timeka Beecham

  • Extra door lock/strike for Green room- $60
  • $150 to reimburse Karl for TIG welder
  • Locking the Space and plans to remedy the issue
  • Help needed for urgent space security install and programing
  • Help needed for tool armory project
  • Kickstarter launch imminent
  • Kids Robot Activity- help soldering and other preparations

Victor asks everyone to sign the attendance sheet and to put your name in correct column for your membership status.

Vote for mag lock for green room door For 14 Against 0 Abstain 0

Reimbursement to Karl for a TIG welder he bought online which is suitable for small projects and does things we can't currently do. Mike suggest multiple votes Luke asks who would be willing to put some cash in for it- about 10 people Luke gives financial report that we have around 3000 above Vote vor members to pay back Karl as donations. For: 12 Against: 0 Abstain: 1

Yesterday morning we had an incident of the rolling door of the shed being left open. 3:30am, Karl says he was here until 4pm and then left Blair in charge of it.

Victor is putting signs up on all the doors to try and remind people

Victor sates that we'd like to have a working bee to help get all the security equipment installed.

Luke says that we need to do a lot of programming with the firmware.

Tool armoury needs some work and if anyone can contribute to finishing this. Speak to Luke or Josh on what you can do.

Kickstarter is going live on Friday, so if you can share the link and get us as much publicity as possible, every person adds to our final tally of backers.

Mike points out that it is a big group effort and we can make a huge amount cash if we do it right. Even if you can just donate the $2 tier because the numbers will help. Keep the space clean. Bring in cool projects over the month to show off.

Victor- the relaunch party will be a good place for members to contribute cause $25 for all included party.

Peter wants to know if he can plaster posters instead of social media because he doesn't partake. Victor confirms this will be helpful.

Kids day on Saturday- Victor, Timeka and Skip. If anyone can help with preparations, it would help immensely.

Weekend before G20 there is a cultural event in the city and they'd like to make a cool display. They will cover our costs to make cool looking stuff such as robots.

Mike- if anyone missed out on his soylant talk, he still has bottles to sell. See him.

Victor- he is putting signs up on inducted machinery, and we'll put stickers on cards to indicate which machines you can use. Temporary measure until card swipe access is installed.

Bear- will reimburse money to members who donated fro the MIG welder. On another note, the shop is getting to messy, so if it doesn't improve, he will lock it up until it's cleaned

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