Open 20:29
Close 20:40
Author Timeka Beecham
Signed Victor Vicario
Tally Unknown (No attendance taken)

  • Kickstarter update
  • Parade review/show and tell

Victor opens

only a few announcements today

The Kickstarter has succeeded (110% of goal)

Mike- tell your friends because a few more pledges will be useful

Funds will take a little time to get to us

We have hit 690 likes on Facebook (Northshore has 900 likes)

The Parade we went in last Saturday, and some members have put in a lot of work. Karl is the highlight of those members,

James and Victor worked to get the wearable tech workshop, making the top hats we all wore.

Karl said there are some more things that have to be done to make the walking robot from the parade run.

Brendan Hall shows a video he made on the G20 Parade. Received very well by members.

Victor thanks everyone for all the sharing and pledges.

Mike asks if people would be in favor of giving free months membership to the members who put in work to the wearable tech and parade.

Mike asks for everyone to look for the keys that went missing.

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