Open 20:34
Close 20:50
Author Timeka Beecham
Signed Victor Vicario
Tally 15

  • Mike Ando
  • Karl Richardson
  • Beau Sandford
  • Daniel Tullemans
  • Scott Wyatt
  • Hayden Petrick
  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Victor Vicario
  • Peter Caelli
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Brendan Carmichael
  • Hamish MacGregor
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Don McGuinness
  • Jimmy Bowler


  • Update on financial position from treasurer

Financial item

  • $53.65- Electronic components.
  • $100- Pcb Prototyping supplies.
  • Reward members who worked on big projects with membership.

Victor opens

Luke is not present for a financial report.

Sven representing Blair- Vote to restock the electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, wires, etc. so we can make most projects on the spot without problems. Sven says it’s only $60, which gives us the ability to make many projects on the spot. For 15 Against 0 Abstain 0

Vote for UV PCB prototyping supplies. Sven representing Blair, is unable to give details about the products. Timeka questions which of the UV methods the products are for and how many PCBs this amount will make. No one can answer with certainty which product it is, but Blair said previously it would make 100 small boards. Victor proposes motion to postpone vote to a day when Blair can give more info. For 14 Against 0 Abstain 1

There are a handful of members who have done a lot of work on paid projects (the space earnt money for completing them). Mike and Victor proposes we show gratitude and reward those members for giving their time for the space. They propose the choice between one free month of membership or a meal at one of our usual places. people for thanking: Karl Richardson, Chris Holzworth, Beau Sandford, Brendan Carmichael, Benden Hall x2, James Beecham, Victor Vicario x2, Timeka Beecham. For 14 against 0 abstain 1

Aaron raises issue of Ben having not attended Hackerspace, for the meetings or otherwise in a long time, and should not be on the executive. He would like him to be replaced. Nog asks if Ben has missed 3 consecutive committee meetings. Victor and Timeka say they have no sure answer, however neither can remember him attending more than a handful of committee meetings/informal gatherings. Nog says that the position is officially open based on the rules, because he has not attended committee meetings and the executive should have declared the position open when he first started missing meetings. He tells Victor he should do so immediately. Victor asks if someone else is willing to take the position should the position become open. Petter Caelli proposes Sven to take over the position. Sven confirms he would be willing.

Nog proposes a motion- when updating the meeting agenda on the forum, that the secretary makes a new post, rather than editing the original one. In addition, a financial report must be presented by the treasurer before any financial vote, and give an update on immediately spendable money- in person or paper. Seconded by Aaron For 13 Against 0 Abstain 2

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