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Author Timeka Beecham and Bendan Hall
Signed Victor Vicario
Tally 17

  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Karl Richardson
  • Hayden Petrick
  • Victor Vicario
  • Brendan Hall
  • Timeka Beecham
  • Chang-Yi Yao
  • Jay Moulton
  • Chris Holtzworth
  • Peter Caeli
  • Blair Caldera
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Daniel Zimmer
  • Don McGuinness
  • Jason Beattie
  • David Bussenschutt

Date: 10/03/15 Time: 8pm


  • The situation with our current President
  • Cause overview
  • Locking the space!!!!
  • Cause Classes Swap Shop idea(Weiwu)
  • Report from Treasurer


  • Membership fee increase (Buzz)
  • Scroll saw (Josh)

Victor opens the meeting.

Sven gives Luke’s report: “It may be looking healthy at $18,000 but we still have rent to pay (current agreement) and negotiate for what we will be paying ongoing.

I hope all the Cause members have seen the spreadsheet I have put together which has a amount of money in your cause, depending if all your members pay their membership. So this could fluctuate if someone doesn't pay up and new members join.

PLEASE read the how to claim money, I will from this point forward be rejecting claims from people who can't follow simple instructions. In brief. Name on Receipt (pref your member id) Pdf or image file named with purchase description and total amount. Name and bank details in the email to the treasurer.

Could all members start using their full name or member id on membership payments, this allows quick reconciling from the treasurers point of view.

Thanks all”

Victor summarises that we have some money, but we do have to pay some bills. Membership increases. Buzz says we should vote for different gradients. Hayden says he thinks this vote is premature, and the options haven’t been properly researched. Buzz wonders what people’s level of agreed membership increase is. About 3 people are out if it raises by $5, another 3 would be out if raised by $10. Tully mentions that maybe there would be more members if we were cheaper. Nog mentions that there are some hackerspaces that have decreased their membership to the starving hacker and increased their membership 10 fold. Blair asks if we can just chose to pay more rather than be forced to. Members say you can already do that. Supporter fee nog, Peter said they removed it at Tech space because it caused issues between members. Sven asks why it’s so hard to give money. Nog says we don’t have an easy way to donate on the website. donation button add

$5 tuesday memeber added as an idea by several members. issues brought up about people abusing the system and stealing from us. discussion regarding membership prices tabled for future

scroll saw $190 brought up by josh. Karl discussed its benefits. Nog motioned a hands up for member who would use it in the next 6 months (4 members)

Bone yard discussion regarding sales of goods. ‘swap shop’ tamiki brought up. sven supported it. Brendan seconded. Vote for members against the idea (none)

Locking the space. Landlord reminds issues with windows not locking. Nog raised motion for locking induction. Seconded by Buzz. Blair some windows or doors not functioning. Brendan said maintenance was need.

Cause classes. Tamika. Cause Leaders need to organise classes now. helps space look good and improve landlord relations. Karl has made $240 from classes so far. Sven said other causes need to get cracking. Blair asked how to advertise cause classes. Tamika is putting calendar on website for classes and events. Nog brought up the success of facebook and meetup interaction. Karl asked how to put things on HSBNE facebook. Nog responded with, the executive.

Victor talking about his presidency. Comments regarding his performance as president has led him to decide to resign the presidency. Request for Victor to stand down has been made. Executive to present the backup plan. Hayden asked if victor will be part of choosing new president, no. Sven thanked victor for all his hard work. Meeting adjourned.

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