2015-07-28 Councillor visits, ABC Article, Toilet Roster, Security Cameras

Open 20:50
Close 21:10“
Author Stephanie Piper
Signed Karl Richardson
Tally 23

  • Karl Richardson
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Timeka Beecham
  • Joshua Hodgendorn
  • Stephanie Piper
  • Jason Beattie
  • Brendan Carmichael
  • Luke Hovington
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Brendan Hall
  • James Churchill
  • Chang-Yi Yao
  • Sebastian Petrile
  • Mike Ando
  • Hamish McGregor
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Hayden Petrick
  • Simeon Higgs
  • Adam Blake
  • Alex Wixted
  • Blair Calderara
  • David Bussenschitt
  • Stevie Cooper
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Update on Councillor David Mclachlan, Councillor Tim Nicholls and Headspace visits
  • Update on Working Bee
  • ABC Article
  • Toilet Roster
  • Security Cameras

  • Treasurer's Report: $20,260 in bank, cash flow from membership is at $1200 fro this month, $600 p/month usage approximation for electricity from Mike.
  • Update on Councillor David Mclachlan, Councillor Tim Nicholls and Headspace visits: Visits went very well, and they will continue to promote and keep us in the loop with their contacts.
  • Update on Working Bee: Colour coding for each cause area, plus removing mezzanine area in machine shop for more room and boneyard clean up.
  • ABC Article: Originally, this article was published, detailing the ability for penetration hackers to remotely access a Jeep and control radio, engine, etc. The same day we recieved numerous emails asking us to comment. The ABC posted this article referencing HSBNE as an authority on 'hacking' and took a facebook status from Luke Hovington's wall without his permission. Eventually, after complaints were made they adjusted the article to make no reference to us. In future, it would be much better if we were able to give a response to boost positive publicity.
  • Toilet Roster: Hamish, timeka, Brendan Hall and Stevie have volunteered.
  • Security Cameras: Members can be held accountable if anything is amiss.
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