Open 20:19
Close 20:45
Author Dave Seff
Signed Brendan Halliday
Tally 33

  • Dave Seff
  • Phil Gowenlock
  • Alex Wixted
  • Michael King
  • Rosa Tong
  • Meg Drinkswater
  • Lysa Singh
  • Raul Barrera
  • Ben Barrera
  • Meka Beecham
  • Josh Hogendorn
  • Luke Hovington
  • Aaron Brenoff
  • James Churchill
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Guy Reece
  • Blair Calderara
  • David Bussenschott
  • Eris Ryan
  • Jeffery Chan
  • Mike Ando
  • Anna Morgan
  • Tim Reichie
  • Shane Sugrue
  • Amy Richardson
  • Karl Richardson
  • Craig Brunton
  • Emma Iveas
  • Greg Kelly
  • Stirling Blacket
  • Robert Hast
  • Josh Wilkinson
  • Allan Logan

Guest Caps

Proposal to limit members to 2 guests.

Our Lease Area

Post-Supanova report

Members Storage

Proposal that:

  • To ensure availability of Members Storage spots, Members should only take up one spot in members storage.
  • Members who do not use members storage for a month should take their project home instead of storing it at HSBNE.
  • Containers remaining after a month of inactivity from when you last swiped in to members storage or the space in general may be sent to long term storage to clear space for others to use.

Not required due to lack of financial items.

Supanova - 7 volunteers - We ran out of flyers- kits made around $600. We have been invited to do April on the Goldcoast. Discussions will be coming for storage at HSBNE.

Guest caps - 1 against - 6 obstain. Motion passed. Members Storage - 2 obstain - 1 against. Motion passed.

Meka James, Nog, Doc, mike for supanova Karl for bumping out Everyone who helped at SN

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