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Author Michael King
Signed Brendan Halliday
Tally 19

  • Michael King
  • Rosa Tong
  • Ian Haly
  • Jaimyn Mayer
  • Jeff Turner
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Alex Wixted
  • Sven Hanzka
  • David Bussenschutt
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Megs Drinkwater
  • Lincoln Phillips
  • Craig Rea
  • Craig Hudson-Taylor
  • Miles Whiticker
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Eris Ryan
  • Blair Calderara
  • James Beecham

  • Grant Approval Discussion
  • Supanova Brisbane Volunteering
  • The 50% grant has been approved, and discussions were held on which thicknesser/planer and which panbrake to purchase with the grant money; Joshua has indicated that additional money would be requested to purchase a higher-quality product
  • Brisbane Supanova is coming up, and we require volunteers to assist with the operation of the booth for the three days of the convention; please indicate your availability on the applicable forum thread
  • This meeting was the first that was held outdoors on-site, as a number of members were assisting with the construction of the new container roof
  • There are upcoming classes, including silver-smithing classes with RABKA on the 19th of November; there will be more welding classes scheduled
  • $4500 for causes to spend
  • Request for further funds for the thicknesser/planer and panbrake; 7 opposed, 5 abstained, motion passed.
  • Buzz for organising the purchase of the container roof
  • A number of members for assisting with the construction the new container roof
  • Drew for organising welding classes
  • Craig for organising woodshop gatherings
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