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Author Michael King
Signed Brendan Halliday
Tally 20

  • Michael King
  • Paul Luckman
  • Lincoln Phillips
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Eris Ryan
  • Craig Hudson-Taylor
  • David Bussenschutt
  • Ian Haly
  • Chris Noonan
  • Lucas Oldfield
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Nicholas Clews
  • Lee Reid
  • Mike Ando
  • Megs Drinkwater
  • Jimmy Reilly
  • Meka Beecham
  • Rosa Tong
  • Michael Richmond
  • Alex Wixted

  • Woodshop Ducting (up to $1500)
  • General Tool Budget (up to $300)
  • The AGM for HSBNE Inc. has been set for April 24th, please indicate your interest in executive positions in the appropriate thread as all positions shall be up for nomination
  • As of this meeting we have one potential location for a new site (Eagle Farm TAFE), but we are actively scouting for more possible locations
  • Members are reminded to secure the site if they are the last people on the premises; this is a requirement of our lease terms.
  • No treasury report submitted
  • Woodshop Ducting (up to $1500) - This will allow the larger dust extractor to operate in its full capacity; 0 opposed, 4 abstained, motion passed.
  • General Tool Budget (up to $300) - This will permit the various areas to purchase basic hand tools as we are currently under-equipped; 0 opposed, 0 abstained, motion passed.
  • Thanks for woodshop electrical works
  • Thanks to various members for assistance with interlock assembly
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