Open 20:00
Close 20:26
Author Michael King
Signed Alex Wixted
Tally 22

  • Michael King
  • Lincoln Phillips
  • Dave Seff
  • Craig Rea
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Craig Hudson-Taylor
  • Jarod Saunders
  • Julie Kernick
  • Mike Morrison
  • Jaimyn Mayer
  • Nathan Beveridge
  • Jared Dalrymple
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Meka Beecham
  • James Beecham
  • Scott Wilson
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Steve Jordan
  • James Churchill
  • Brendan Hall
  • Mike Ando


  • Clamps (up to $1000)
  • Task Lighting (up to $150)
  • Woodshop Ducting Re-approval (up to $1500)
  • 6-outlet Power Boards ($80)
  • There will be a Special General Meeting held on the 23rd of October to elect a new treasurer, please indicate your nomination in the appropriate thread.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help us at Supanova, please indicate your interest and availability in the appropriate thread.
  • We now have a working magnetic door holder in Member's Storage
  • The Automotive cause is now operational, please indicate your interest by choosing this as one of your causes
  • No Treasurers' Report Given
  • Clamps (up to $1000) - This is to purchase two sets of clamps that can be used within the metal shop and wood shop respectively, these will include quick clamps, F-screw clamps, vice grips, G-screw clamps and so on; 0 opposed, 9 abstentions, motion passed.
  • Task Lighting (up to $150) - These can be attached to various items of machinery to light the task you are working on more effectively; 4 opposed, 2 abstentions, motion pased.
  • Woodshop Ducting Re-Approval (up to $1500) - This is a re-vote on the previously approved works for the ducting for the woodshop dust extraction system; 0 opposed, 2 abstentions, motion passed.
  • 6-outlet Power Boards ($80) - This is to purchase two 6-outlet power boards for use in the kitchen area; 0 opposed, 0 abstentions; motion passed.
  • Thanks to Brendan for the magnetic door holder for Members' Storage
  • Thanks to Mike for stocking the drinks machines
  • Thanks to Mick for picking up the forklift
  • Thanks to Mick and Julie for printing new tool holders
  • Thanks to Mick for assistance with the laser cutter
  • Thanks to Steph for cleaning the boneyard and revising the Hipster Wall
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