2019-10-29 - Voting on lathe, new secretary

Meeting Opened: 20:18
Meeting Closed: 20:41
Author: Emily Taylor
Signed: Alex Wisted

* Emily Taylor
* Joshua Hogendown
* Eris Ryan
* Craig Rea
* Ian Redmond
* Michael Kennedy
* Ruben Pollicer
* Timothy Reichle
* Tim Owen
* Meka Beecham
* Mike Ando
* Scott Wilson
* Luc Chabassier
* Alex Wisted
* Mitchell Ewin
* Lucas Oldfield
* Lincoln Phillips
* Steve Jordan
* Rich Dunn
* Ant Beecham
* Brendan Halliday
* Michael King
* Luke Hill

Proxies Zac Forrecter nominated Lincoln Philips
Dave Seff nominated Craig Rea
Paula O'Donnell nominated Emily Taylor

  • New Lathe for metalshop
  • Resignation of secretary
  • Appointment of new secretary
  • Appointment of new Treasurer
  • Queensland Hackerspace grant program

Please do not park in the quad, please use the carpark,
the quad is full of tyre-killing material
Lucas has a laptop to give away

* 53 k in savings
* 20 as emergency funds
* 6k working cash
* 25k spending approved
* Therefore available funds 14k
* Cash in 4k
* Outstanding invoices 3.7k

  • AGENDA ITEM- Metal shop lathe


* Thanks to Gabby for role of secretary for past six months
* Thanks to Alex to showing what a young Ron Swanson looks like
* Thanks to Lincoln for helping with main compressor, Richard for helping, Mitch and Anotine for getting glue
* Thanks to Drew for picking up the two new anvils
* Thanks to Ian for cleaning up around vending machines
* Thanks to Drew for squaring up vending machines
* Thanks to Craig for organising for compressor to be fixed
* Thanks to Mike for cleaning the laser
* Thanks to Mike for vacuuming Digifab

New members
* Ruben, electronics and woodworking and blacksmith
* Michael, worked with Tim last year building a still
* Luc, computer science student, Blacksmithing

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