2019-06-11 - Electric Forklift, Bylaws Change, Hulk Retirement

Open 8:13pm
Close 8:38pm
Author Gabrielle Hewitt
Signed Alex Wixted
Tally Unknown

  • Battery Charger for Electric Forklift
  • Josh's Proposed Rule Changes
  • Hulk Retirement*

Members Present



  • Ryan Marple appointing Craig Rea as proxy
  • Zac Forrester appointing Lincoln Phillips as proxy.

Treasurer's report $6500 in general funds

Battery charger for Electric Forklift brought up by Beau Sandford Permanently mounting it to the forklift - Mick 0 opposed 1 abstaining motion passed

Josh's proposed rule changes Summary; in order to change a policy one must do a writeup to present to the membership. Agenda items not requiring a vote can be brought up in general business, and anything that does needs 5  Motioned passed to vote as a block of text Against 0 abstaining 1 motion passed

Office of fair trading to make valid Jaimyns rule changes

Gone over the rule changes again Specific point objections 0 Vote to pass as a block 0 Opposed 1 Abstaining: motion passed 0 Opposed  3 Abstaining  motion passed 

Hulk retirement Is the big green machine Requires a large volume of knowledge and massive learning curve Newer cnc machines dont rquire as large knowledge bank Discuss further on the forums

Cause meeting in the next few weeks

  • Update on the lease? From Sven -Soon
  • Unofficial quick metal shop meeting after gen meeting
  • Thank you to Sven from Nog for his work on Hulk and the other people and helped him along the way
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