2019-06-25- Hulk retirement

Open 8:01
Close 8:16
Author Gabrielle Hewitt
Signed Alex Wixted
Tally Unknown

- Hulk Retirement

Members Present



- Ryan Marple appointing Craig Rea as proxy

- Hulk retirement

- What happens regarding retirement? Selling/scrapping etc, is yet to be officially decided, discussion is occurring within the cause

- Does the filing cabinet or bench get retired along side the hulk. Possibly to be repurposed.

- 2 against/1 abstained motion passed

- $5300 general funds $15k in savings

- Sven leaving and a round of applause for his contributions to the site

- Mike and Julie for their contributions to the Space as their Bus project is leaving too.

- Forklift was left outside in the rain

- Check out the bus for a tour

- Security guard falling over, try not to leave shit around on the floor, ie no tripping hazards. Try to make sure it's not a trip hazard.

- Craftpunk meeting for room redesign

- Craig rea, surface grinder, thanks to ryan (his fathers company donated)

- Josh for picking the machine up

- Sven again for his contributions to the space (he was out of the green room for theĀ 

- Nog thanks jux, for donating the a3 inkjet printer and for his space

- Thanks to nog for the electronics bench donation of two function generators

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