2019-07-23 - Zigbee network announced, purchase window and door sensors

Open 8:01
Close 8:09
Author Gabrielle Hewitt
Signed Alex Wixted
Tally Unknown

- Purchase Proposal: Nog- Window & Door Sensors

Members Present



- Alan Webb appointing Alex Webb as proxy

- Meka Beecham appointing Aaron Bycroft as proxy

Financial report

4g in general spending account

Approx 15grand in the savings account

- Nog

- Low powered battery sensor

- Jaimyn already has the zigbee network up and running

- This network infrastructure will resolve the issue of people leaving the windows and doors open during lockup

- Opposed 1 abstaining 3 motion passed

- Nog: electronics talks

- Electric vehicles talkĀ 

- Duncan : everything, qualified sheet metal fabricator

- Calum : IT by trade

- Thank you to jaimyn for the doors sorted and reimaging the doors and portal by Aaron

- Thank you to nog for the meeting minutes to wiki from aaron

- Thank you to jaimyn, ian, james for the home automation setup talk by nog

- Thank you to jaimyn for hosting the exec dinner

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