2019-10-15 - Metal lathe

Meeting Opened: 20:05
Meeting Closed: 20:15
Author: Emily Taylor
Signed: Alex Wixted

  • Michael King
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Emily Taylor
  • Alex Wixted
  • Craig Rea
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Jarod Saunders
  • Blair Calderara
  • Meka Beecham
  • Chris Noonan
  • Scott Wilson
  • Paula O'Donnell
  • Ian Redmond
  • Alan Webb
  • Ant Beecham
  • Eris Ryan
  • Mitchell Ewin
  • Mike Ando
  • Colby Davidson
  • Chris Daley
  • Aaron Bycroft (Proxy)
  • Gabrielle Hewitt (Proxy)
  • Non-Menbers
  • Eric Dreischerf
  • Kyle Lopez-Finlayson
  • Moreton King
  • Thomas King
  • Stephen Currie
  • Steph Piper
  • Silverfish infestation in the books in the Hipster Lounge. Asked for further feedback on the forums.
  • Request for volunteers for Supanova
  • New member- Mitch
  • New member- Kyle
  • New member- Tom
  • Not available at this time due to Treasurer position being transferred
  • $8,000 Lathe purchase for metalshop

Proposal to buy 2nd hand lathe for metalshop, due to breakdowns in existing lathes. It is a foundation part of metalshop. Item tabled until next meeting due to being in-between treasurers.

  • Buzz for ten years of membership, and can now enjoy lifetime membership
  • Thanks to Ian for volunteering to be treasurer
  • Paula, Paul, Alan, Josh, and Tim for helping with the stockroom refit
  • Thanks to Craftpunk volunteers for coming to the working bees
  • Alan for repairing the gas for the blacksmithing area
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