2020-01-07 - New Year Business and Electric bike storage

Meeting Opened: 20:15
Meeting Closed: 20:36
Author: Emily Taylor
Signed: Alex Wixted

  • Emily Taylor
  • Paula O’Donnell
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Ian Redmond
  • Blair Calderara
  • Scott Wilson
  • David Bussenschitt
  • Jaimyn Mayer
  • Patrick Baxter
  • Michael King
  • Meka Beecham
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Steve Jordan
  • Dave Seff
  • Lucio Uzdfield
  • Eris Ryan
  • Lincoln Phillips
  • Craig Rea
  • Alex Moss
  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Jarod Saunders
  • Alex Wixted
  • Ethan O’Meara
  • Issac Matsui
  • Matthew Alexander
  • David Neilson
  • Murray Warper
  • Nathan Bleek
  • Gabrielle Hewitt

Alan Webb has nominated Alex Wixted

  • AGENDA ITEM: Storage of long-term project Jaimyn electric bike conversion


  • Meka presented his style guide for the space, industrial, cheap, easy to do.
  • Discussion of adding the fact of paid inductions to general induction
  • Craig - Storms that came through, metal and Wood shop copped a lot of rain, some rain has gotten into machines and rusted parts. It has been noted that powerpoints were in water, and this issue needs to be raised with the landlord
  • Woodshop door has not been operating correctly
  • Power situation in the woodshop, we don’t have access to reset, and it has been tripped.
  • Someone has taken the blade out of the tablesaw and went into the dropsaw, this is dangerous. Members should not be changing blades without permission, it is a dangerous situation.
  • Reo3 bin has been installed, feel free to put e-waste in it
  • A lot of things have been red ticketed, members have been warned to put a green permit or donate it.
  • Members are encouraged to be careful for donations, HSBNE is moving towards being a tool space, not a storage space
  • Josh Thanks to the guys who came in to do the video for Tablesaw- Scott, Jared, Pierce, Emily, Brendan
  • Brendan thanked Jaimyn for taking his call on Christmas Eve during a massive storm, to re-power everything to secure the site
  • Thanks to everyone who came to the Bin-in-ing and to Emily for organising it
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