2021-02-23- Speaker Phone, Air compressor, PC and Welding Equipment

Meeting Opened: 20:05
Meeting Closed: 20:32
Author: Emily Taylor
Signed: Josh Hogendorn

  • Timothy Reichle
  • Emily Taylor
  • Anthony Beecham
  • Ale Moré
  • Jaimyn Mayer
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Paula O’Donnell
  • Zac Forrester
  • Alex Wixted
  • Bobby Hale
  • Scott Wilson
  • Eris Ryan
  • Cameron Payne
  • Murray Wayper
  • Dave Seff
  • Ryan Kirkpatrick
  • Akshay Lemaire
  • Cal Scotland
  • Ryan Marple
  • Brad Lowrie

Jacques Botte has nominated Brendan Halliday
Andrew Mccubbin has nominated Brendan Halliday
Michael King has nominated Emily Taylor

  • $750 for video conferencing speaker phones. AGAINST COUNT 4, ABSTAINING COUNT 2. MOTION PASSED
  • $10,000 for a new Air compressor. AGAINST COUNT 0, ABSTAINING COUNT 1. MOTION PASSED
  • $2,000 for All-in-one PC to create a working station so all members can access software, AGAINST COUNT 1, ABSTAINING COUNT 2. MOTION PASSED
  • $300 for 20 Windows 10 pro licenses. AGAINST COUNT 1, ABSTAINING COUNT 3. MOTION PASSED
  • $600 for a welding trolley, AGAINST COUNT 2, ABSTAINING COUNT 2 MOTION PASSED
  • Vice President update on test’n’tagging - Metalshop is complete
  • HSBNE graphic design - We need to do up brochures for new member process
  • Space projects- on the Forum, conceptual things we’d like to do, but no-one takes on
  • Interlock build Working Bee- Next Tuesday please help build interlocks
  • Thanks to Alexi and Andrew for helping Eris to move a ton of steel
  • Thanks to Jess for helping Alex to move the powerhammer
  • Thanks to Alex for organising the knife-making class with Wayne of Cracked Anvil
  • Thanks to Zac for organising a PPE cabinet, PPE for the Forge area, and the Forge inductions
  • Thanks to Ale and Ryan Marple for modifying the table saw for better accuracy
  • Thanks to Eris and Murray for their work on table legs
  • Thanks to Eris for stocking electrical cables in the Stockroom
  • Thanks to Geoff Cowrie for his work on the RFID Card printer
  • Thanks to Kris for doing a gas cylinder swop for the Zac
  • Thanks to Ryan Kirkpatrick for tidying up a bench in the Woodshop
  • Thanks to Scott Wilson for donating a Ryobi 18v orbital sander and sandpaper
  • Thanks to Josh for adding Starboard to Discord so Emily can pre-populate thankyous for meetings
  • Thanks to everyone who contributed to the new Electronics area
  • Thanks to Josh, Ryan, Zac, Brendan, Eris and Jess for spending the weekend moving steel and getting a ton of welding done
  • Thanks to everyone who helped clean up the Quad
  • Thanks to everyone who helped move the heavy transformer out of the car
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