2021-03-09- Games Room, Acknowledgement, Digfab Rackit

Meeting Opened: 20:05
Meeting Closed: 20:36
Author: Emily Taylor
Signed: Josh Hogendorn

  • Josh Hogendorn
  • Ian Redmond
  • Jaimyn Mayer
  • Scott Wilson
  • Emily Taylor
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Murray Wayper
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Michael King
  • David Thompson
  • Kurt Giuliani
  • Luke Michaeo
  • Steve Jordan
  • Lionel
  • Ryan Kirkpatrick
  • Eris Ryan
  • Zack Forrester
  • Dave Seff
  • Alex Wixted
  • Blair Caldera
  • Aaron Bycroft

Kieran Bicheno has nominated Joshua Hogendorn
Andrew Mccubbin as nominated Brendan Halliday
Paula O'Donnell as nominated Zac Forrester
Jacques Botte as nominated Brendan Halliday
Jarod Saunders as nominated Scott Wilson

We have been spending money on Working, Accessible and Documented, we are a bit cash poor. Spending will have to be monitored for the next couple of months. Looking into financing options for the compressors.

  • $500 budget for the games room rebuild. AGAINST COUNT 2, ABSTAINING COUNT 3. MOTION PASSED
  • Acknowledgement of country, standing agenda item. AGAINST COUNT 0, ABSTAINING COUNT 3. MOTION PASSED
  • $550 budget for purchasing parts of Bunnings rackit and assorted wood/materials. AGAINST COUNT 0, ABSTAINING COUNT 0. MOTION PASSED
  • The builder’s tender process has ended, builders will take possession in 3-4 weeks, CBRE has advised to pull everything inside. All CLs and Exac and working to bring things inside. Anticipating 3-4 months of building works, and disruptions in that time.
  • The electrical works have been completed by Beau and Josh. All machines are now powered, and provisions are in place for the Forge area.
  • We recently had a member damage a tool in a way that tore the electrical tool, and left exposed 3-phase. We remind members that reporting is mandatory, and we will be providing electrical lock-out kits moving forward.
  • We want to encourage people to look for solutions and help around the space, rather than criticise.
  • Two Cr-10’s have been set up, should be usable shortly
  • This Sunday the CNC should be turned on
  • The laser cutter will be available as soon as an enclosure is made.
  • Thanks to Ryan and Chloe for getting the trailer wheels off
  • Thanks to Eris for taking the trailer tyres to the shop
  • Thanks to Murray and Eris for finishing the new table legs
  • Thanks to Paula for cleaning the old table legs down to be reused
  • Thanks to Eris for sourcing a transformer for the CNC, and to Anthony and James for collecting it
  • Thanks to Brendan for sorting out a new nuc for the laser
  • Thanks to Brendan for adding DXF and DWG to the wiki
  • Thanks to Eris and Zac for completing storage shelves
  • Thanks to Josh for the new keytags
  • Thanks to Paula for her work on the vacuum pump
  • Thanks to Geoff for helping to weld the metal shelf frames
  • Thanks to Zac for his demonstration of making jewellery boxes, and his classes
  • Thanks to Ryan for cleaning up the toolbox in the Metalshed
  • Thanks to Jaimyn and Brendan for working on the CR10 and CRXs
  • Thanks to Josh and Beau for their IMMENSE amount of work on the electrical work in the Metalshop and Woodshop!
  • Thanks everyone for a mammoth effort over the last two weeks!
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