Creation of DigiFab and Forge Team, Purchase of 3D Printer parts

- 8:05

- Jess Wessing

- Eris Ryan

- Josh Hogendorn

- Ryan Kirkpatrick

- Ryan Marple

- Fraser Paterson

- Cameron Payne

- David J Murray

- Dave Seff

- Timothy Rieche

- Jaques Botte

- Ralf Stephanie

- James Downie

- Matthew de Araujo

- Ale More nominates Matthew de Araujo

- Grant for compressor came in and we spent it.

- “Things looking good and stable”

Voting FOR: 16, AGAINST: 0 Creation of forge team

o Asking for $300/month

o Members: Jess, Alex, Zak, Fraser

FOR: 16, AGAINST: 0 Creation of Digifab team

o $250/month

o Members: Cameron, David, James

FOR: 15, AGAINST: 0 $390 for 3D printer upgrades. For CRX printers

o 2 x BigTreeTech SKR Pro V1.2 control boards, with 6 x TMC2209 stepper drivers each. $108 shipped

o 2 x BigTreeTech PiTFT50 V2.0 LCD touch screens, at a cost of $85.13 each shipped.

- Amendment the minutes to update the signatories to the bank account. The new signatories will be the President and Secretary. Others will be removed.

- Town meeting on the 30th of November. BBQ dinner provided.

- Working bee on Saturday to touch up greenrooms floor

- Lasers are moving from supervision process to standard induction process.

- Beau Sanford for wiring up the air compressor

- Thanks to Kaishan for their support for the compressor.

- Ale and Ryan K for reinstalling the dust extractor

- Josh, Murray, Jonathan McDonald, Murray, and Ryan K for installing the roller door on the container

- Ross for repairing the front door and donating the materials.

- Everyone who has helped with the green room.

o Josh o Murray o Ryan M o Ryan K o Fraser o Kyia o John o Zak o Eris o Jess o Many others I am forgetting

- Cameron for his continuing work on the laser

- Dave Seff for the Hildi CNC upgrade.

- Builders of the electronics table.

- Ryan M for running BBQs and everyone that has helped.

- Thanks to Tim for his work on the lounge room.

Closed at: - 8:35

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