Chair: Josh H

Signed: Ryan Marple

Opened: 8:28
Closed: 9:06


Ryan Marple
Dave Seff
Eris Ryan
Cameron Payne
Raf Kempeeners
Josh Hogendorn
Timothy R
Murray Wayper
Jess Wessing
Josh Wood
Alex Massignani

Ale More proxied by Raf
Phil Juric proxied by Ryan

Signed: Ryan Marple

Treasurers Report:
Not much has changed from last month.
$5.5k in main account.
$8k in savings.
$2k across teams.
$1.5k in legal savings.

Still need volunteers for teams
Working bee on Saturday 30th
Screen in reception is playing the HSBNE video

Welding Gas Monitoring & Control Hardware $1000 - Unanimous
New angle grinders for the metalshop $750 - Unanimous
Rules change - 4 YES/5 ABS/3 NO
Budget for spare yag optics $1000 - Unanimous

Thank Yous:
* Ben & Phil for their work in metalshop
* Eris for help with the YAG
* Andrew White for painting mechanical
* Thanks to Tim for getting the TV in reception setup

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