Chair: Josh Hogendorn

Minutes taken by: Ryan Marple

Signed By:

Opened: 8.16pm Closed: 8.42pm


  • Ryan Marple - Metalshop Representative
  • Josh Hogendorn
  • Kyia Bourne
  • Dave Seff
  • Maxamillion Penfold
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Ale More - Woodshop Representative
  • Ben Jackson
  • Jess Wessling


  1. None

Non-Excused Absences:

  1. Mechanical Team

HSBNE acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the Yuggera and Turrbal people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Update from treasurer on the groups finances

Capital Held - $7k approx in transaction account, 13k in savings

Cashflow - About $6.5k in cashflow in, $1200 of is an annual membership,

Debts $0

Volunteer discounts are being applied after general meeting.

Churn rate of 6.2% for memberships.

For teams: we might be moving payment from budgetly to divipay.


It is reported that we need a Secretary…

It is vital that the organisation to have a Secretary from a legal perspective.

Action: All teams to discuss the vacancy with their open volunteers.

Action: email membership with call for secretary

Action: Exec to come up with a brief job description - look up “seek volunteer” to put an add out

If no person is found by the next general meeting majority of all organisational projects will be halted until one is found

Team Updates

  • Metalshop is running smoothly. None of the objectives have been completed.
  • Ben has performed mill repairs, cleanup of cabinets, repaired vertical bandsaw.
  • Matt has contacted auction people on speaker stock.
  • Request for someone to attempt to sell speakers on eBay.
  • Made a proposal on selling donated items.
  • Not much has changed this month.
  • Meetings have been performed as usual.
  • Alex is going away for a month. Zan in as IIC.
  • Not much has happened since last meeting.
  • Potential team member was inducted.
  • Pinboards to be put up with instructions on equipment.
  • We still need a secretary.
  • There's interest from people, but they don't have one year of membership.
  • Same list of jobs as last week.
  • A volunteer has said they're interested in being assistant to the treasurer.
  • Kyia will take on Quartermaster role.
  • We need to get more business on Tuesday nights. Teams to focus on this.
  • May order free pizzas to entice people on Tuesdays.
  • Someone needs to take over social media.
  • Somone needs to work out a new instagram account.
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