The General Meeting - 20221213


Joshua Hogendorn

Murray Wayper

Ale More

Alex Wixted

Dave Seff

Timothy Reichle

Ahnika Worsley

Brett Wilkins

Andrew White

Bobby Hale

Kyia Bourne

Chaired By: Murray Wayper

Minutes By: Ryan Marple

Opened: 9:10pm

Closed: 10:35pm

Acknowledgement of Country

HSBNE acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the Yuggera and Turrbal people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Update from treasurer on the groups finances

Capital Held


Past and Projected Expenditures


Profit and loss statement is now in good shape and was shown to meeting attendees.

Net profit of: $1500 this month.

Largest portion of expenses is cleaning, electricity, voted items and financial operations.

92 paying subscribers.

New subscribers are trending downward, as per usual towards the end of year.

Savings accounts will be set up for teams. This requires a physical visit to the bank. This will be done before Christmas.

Landlords are trying to push more costs onto us. We are collaborating with team arrow and men’s shed which has gone up substantially. Water charges primarily consists of access charges, not usage.

The building has been assessed by the landlord and they may be looking at passing on costs to us to bring the building up to code.

The landlord will produce a hazard report, essentially a WHS audit.

From 4pm on Sunday the 18th the carpark is being used for an event. Members to avoid the site during this period.

Lease discussions still with their lawyer. will receive 2023

Volunteers have come forward to help with the committee.

Still a lot of positions outstanding. Please get in touch with the committee and executive to fill these roles.

Caitlyn exec assistant

Ahnika social media

Reece has volunteered to run the barbecue on Tuesday Nights

Josh will need to charge volunteer membership billing date to ensure all volunteer discounts are applied.

Update from each OU (Team lead or nominated member) -

eg, active projects, announcements, etc.

Sandblaster working

Discussion with sponsor for Mig & plasma, still working out the details.

Magnabend is in progress

Yag is being decoded to rebrain.

Working on dust collection system. 80% of blast gates have been changed with new ones. They have been quite reliable. Automation should be deployed by the end of the year.

Let Ale know if you need an induction for a machine ahead of time as he currently has car issues.

Attend the Monday woodshop team gathering night if you’re interested in engaging in volunteering.

Alex was away most of the last month. Fraser ran the forge team meeting.

Everyone has been keeping up with their duties.

Fraser is making progress on the small stock shelving making it easier to keep it orgaised.

Up to 4 forging hammers that have been made over the past few months. Going to start branching out tool manufacturing.

Next meeting is this Sunday morning.

Forge area is functional, but could always find jobs for more volunteers.

Needs help with plumbing to install a sink. Sink was received for free and collected by Kyia.

Sublimation printer has had a new member inducted.

A new volunteer has volunteered to look after the sublimation printer.

Still in need of volunteers and better engagement with volunteers.

Sandblaster cabinet has been installed. Wiki page needs to be written. Might make sense to transfer the tool to metalshop ownership.

Mechanical area has had good use. Need to get feedback on what to add to the area to improve functionality to members.

Update on progress of each action item from previous meeting

Update on lounge and consoles

Consoles in front cabinets have been removed. Old consoles will be emulated on the Pi.

If you have questions on getting a console to work, contact Tim (@catprog on discord)

Tim needs assistance with arranging things.

Added new items to vending machines

Dr Pepper, multiple Fanta flavours added that will be distributed at random.

Dave Seff is looking to take on infrastructure role. Handover is slow.

We need people to help out with infrastructure. Please contact the executive or committee to help.

Skills in linux servers, docker and python are highly needed.

We have home automation tasks that we need help with.

Vending machines have been moved. We have room in the foyer and need to think about how to make that an attractive area for new members. Current idea it to make it a showcase area/museum.

Looking to convert current digifab room into a store where you can buy tooling, consumables, sheet materials, sublimation supplies, etc.

Looking for help to set up the store and run it.

Likely to be a good revenue source.

Grant is likely to be due at the end of February.

Items must be on the capex sheet before submission.

Quotes must be obtained for the equipment. Allow for shipping.


Joshua Hogendorn - Bambu 3D Printers - Passed Vote

Vote Result - 12 For/2 Against/1 Abstain - Passed

Joshua Hogendorn - $2000+$1000 to spruce electronics area - Passed (Time elapsed)

Joshua Hogendorn - $1000 for handtools - Passed (Time elapsed)

Ale More - $4500 for buying and Laguna Fusion 3 Table Saw - Passed (Time elapsed)

Ben Jackson - PROPOSAL: Sell the Aciera F3 Mill - Passed (Time elapsed)

Joshua Hogendorn - Purchase a unifi nvr ~$650 due to ckg2+ failure - Passed (Time elapsed)

Murray Wayper - Proposal: Surrender Box - $500 - Passed (Time elapsed)


NVR equipment must be purchased as the cloudkey died and we do not currently have camera access.

YAG consumables to be purchased.

Surrender box approved

Thank Yous

Dave for taking on infrastructure

Ahnika for taking on social media

Reece for taking on barbecues

Ryan for YAGs

Everyone working on getting interlocks working

Meeting Closed

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